Cleric\Yaoji 55 lvl

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ClericYaoji 55 lvl

Post  Yaoji on Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:28 pm

How old are you?

Where are you from? Timezone?

Whats your class / IGN?

What is your current gear / stigmas?
I have sw ( i need only brogans for full sw)/i have Summon noble energy II - Summon Healing Servant II - Chain Of Suffering IV - HOR - Effeling Burst II

What are your stats [not what manastones you have sockeled]?
(magical class: hp | mboost | maccu | mres) (9493 | 1979 | 1465 | 1694)
(physical class: hp | attack | crit | accuracy | mres)

What is your ping?
268 on the aion

Why should we take you?
I could be useful

Tell us something about you:
(Legion you have been in | Reason you have left/been kicked for | Your alternative chars | anything else?)
(BluesBrothers | My legion is quit | I have only Yaoji | I love Naples)

How long have you been playing?
2 months

How many elyos kills do you have?

How many hours a day do u play?

Will you come to sieges and other events when you are asked?

Will you use Team Speak 3?
I could also use it but I would understand little or nothing

*sorry i did request in wrong forum, so now i did one more request to be in good standing


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Re: Cleric\Yaoji 55 lvl

Post  Godshand on Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:38 pm

yes from me gl with others


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