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Another player :3 Empty Another player :3

Post  Basole on Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:42 am

*How old are you?

*Where are you from? Timezone?

*Whats your class / IGN?

*What is your current gear / stigmas?
5/5 SW pieces
SW azure scale sword +6
SW dagger +8
x2 ap stigmas (working on others)

*What are your stats [not what manastones you have sockeled]?
physical class: (unbuffed) hp 9648 | attack 555 main hand/588 offhand | crit 490 main hand/400 offhand| accuracy 2102 in each hand | mres 1507

*What is your ping?

*Why should we take you?
Because I am charming,funny,friendly and active.

*Tell us something about you:
I have been in Method/Hells Demons/Wipeout but i left because of some rude,not friendly people...
I have a cleric 5/5 SW armors and weapons called Nilene/Templar 4/5 SW with all the sw weapons called Sugarrush.
I also have essence tapping at 499/aether tapping at 499/weaponsmiting at 521.

*How long have you been playing?
Year and a half on this server.

*How many elyos kills do you have?
I currently have 409 kills.

*How many hours a day do u play?
About 3 hours during the week and 4-5 at weekends.

*Will you come to sieges and other events when you are asked?
Yes, I will if i have the time and i don't have any other jobs IRL to do.

*Will you use Team Speak 3?
Yes, I will.


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Another player :3 Empty Re: Another player :3

Post  Nescafe on Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:41 am

This forum is our old forum, please re-apply --> Another player :3 Icon_smile

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