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Post  cartell on Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:03 am

How old are you?

Where are you from? Timezone?
italy +1gtm

Whats your class / IGN?
Templar, Cartell

What is your current gear / stigmas?
Sw4/5, <Stormwing's Azure Scale Sword><Stormwing's Shield>,<Lannok's Greatsword>,<Master Noble Drenium Greatsword>, anurati ringsx2, debil earingsx2, i miss shieldburst and i got all down adv stigma tree!

What are your stats [not what manastones you have sockeled]?
(physical class: hp 11592| attack 634 | crit 684 | accuracy 2415| mres 1329) with Master Noble Gs, no food, no buffs

What is your ping?
in full server days and pvp in igg arround 300 max

Why should we take you?
cuz im a helpfull player and i like to do things in legion not random or solo!! (devianne can tell you more about me when logs in)

Tell us something about you:
(Legion you have been in | Reason you have left/been kicked for | Your alternative chars | anything else?)
PuffPewPuff (just me and friends 5ppl) since after wipe, and prewipe Revenants and Diabolica!

How long have you been playing?
since infinite started and green torment was perfect for pvp

How many elyos kills do you have?
arround 1k, was a twink at start

How many hours a day do u play?

Will you come to sieges and other events when you are asked?

Will you use Team Speak 3?
(Listening is enough.) i will try every time its possible


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