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Post  KimmyCze on Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:05 pm

Age: 17

From: Czech Republic GMT+1

Class: Templar

Nick: Kimmy

Gear: Full SW/50 pvp shoulders/50 pvp acc/ Lannok's GS fused with 40 pvp GS/ DDG Mace (Both +10)

Stigmas: Full dmg tree w/o Shieldburst; Punishment V; Aether Armor; Doom lure; UD; BP

Stats (With GS): HP: 10 900; Attack: 589; Crit: 468; Accuracy: 1850; Mres: 1330

Ely kills: 609

Ping: Around 200 (After server Host change)

About me: I started playing Aion about a year (and some months) ago. I've been in legion Mizerove, but after last Ddos attack, almost all my legion mates decided to move to the official server. So I stayed here almost alone Neutral I don't have any alternative characters so I can focus on my main Razz. I think im pvp player but i don't mind if anyone needs help in any instance. I play about 2-5 hours per day. I'm using TS3 and sure, i'll participate on sieges and pvp raids Razz

I hope that I've interested you Wink Have a nice day. Kimmy


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Kimmy / Templar Empty Re: Kimmy / Templar

Post  Saint on Mon Jan 23, 2012 1:28 pm apply there mate Smile we dont use this forum anymore.

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